Careers at Leading Edge Group

Careers at Leading Edge Group

Our People

They are our culture and the
drivers of our mission and vision

Our people embody our values and live them every day in the interactions they undertake, whether with clients, suppliers or internally within our team.

We believe that people are the key to our success, we want to employ the best and be the best employer. What more can we say? Our people are consistently doing their best to be the best.

Our people live and breathe our values

We have a unique set of company values at Leading Edge New Zealand and are proud to say that our values are what guide our actions. They reflect who our people are and how we do business here at Leading Edge.
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Passion for what we do transfers across all business units

"I love the people here. Leading Edge has put a lot of effort to make this a great place to work – the people love being here. Plus there are so many people dedicated to the business – it’s a great environment to work in. I also love the diversity that is offered in each of the various roles that I have had here, there is never a dull moment! It’s great that LE also recognises achievement both in my role and also for things outside of the box – i.e. I am well recognised when I have done something not normally part of my role."

Solutions Architect, Auckland
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"Working at Leading Edge is great, the atmosphere in the working environment is the best I have ever experienced in my working life! The best part of my job is knowing that no day is the same, and being involved in a great team who have the best attitude and sense of humour."

Account Executive, Genesis Energy Sales Team, Auckland
"Leading Edge is a great place to work – it’s the first company I’ve worked for that makes me feel valued. We aren’t just numbers, everyone in every team is included and treated as irreplaceable."

Sales Consultant, Spark Retail Store, Napier
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"It’s the best place to work. I feel valued, it’s not just getting up and going to a job ‘cos I have to – it’s one that I WANT to. Every day is different. The best part of my job is the people. Everyone works well and is heading in the same direction."

Senior Sales Consultant, Spark Retail Store, New Plymouth
"I love the diversity of my role best of all – no one day is ever the same so there is never the danger of monotony! Alongside that, I appreciate having the autonomy to succeed individually as well as part of the wider team. I am consistently given the opportunity to grow, learn, achieve and exceed even my own expectations. I feel like my opinion is wanted and valued. That’s rare."

Business Development Manager, Mobility Fleet Management Team, Wellington
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"My role at Leading Edge, it’s a challenging, varied and exciting role… and I get to work with great people in an ever-changing dynamic industry."

Business Hub Manager, Spark Business Hub, Christchurch
"Leading Edge has a welcoming, nurturing environment, always encouraging regular interaction between the management team, the client and the sales teams. Creativeness and ingenuity is rewarded and the best part is the WOW Awards recognition programme, which allows management and colleagues to recognise hard work and the upholding of values of their peers within the workplace."

Telephone Account Manager, n3 Sales Team, Auckland
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Sound like you?

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