Careers at Leading Edge Group

Careers at Leading Edge Group

Equal Opportunities

Equal Employment Opportunity is the genuine application of the merit principles to all decisions affecting Leading Edge employees. The merit principle is the selection of the best available person for employment or promotion, irrespective of race, sex, marital status or any other irrelevant personal characteristic. The EEO Policy aims to ensure that all functions/decisions that affect employees are based on this principle.

The types of areas in which these principles are applied in Leading Edge include recruitment, promotion and advancement, employee management, remuneration and education and training.
The adoption of Equal Opportunity policies within Leading Edge emphasise our continuing commitment to operation of merit principles in selection, promotion, remuneration, training and all other Human Resources practices, regardless of a person’s gender, age, origin, beliefs (etc) or activities away from the workplace.

All Managers are responsible for ensuring the day to day application of Equal Opportunity policies.

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